Nairobi Peace Initiative-Africa (NPI‐Africa)

The Nairobi Peace Initiative-Africa (NPI‐Africa) is a continental peace resource organization, engaged in a broad range of peacebuilding and conflict transformation initiatives in Africa. It was established in Nairobi, Kenya in 1984 at a time when several countries in Africa were experiencing internal conflicts. Originally, NPI-Africa's aim was to initiate peace discussions and initiatives in institutions across Africa. Over time, its focus shifted to direct involvement in peacebuilding processes in Africa through mediation, reconciliation and strategy development. NPI-Africa's mission is to contribute to the transformation of conflicts and the emergence of a peaceful and developing Africa, through initiating processes of peacemaking, peacebuilding and reconciliation; accompanying and building the capacity of strategic actors; and carrying out relevant research and documentation. The work of NPI-Africa includes mediation and dialogue facilitation, training and capacity building, healing and reconciliation initiatives in the Horn, East, Central and West Africa as well as ground breaking research on transitional justice. NPI‐Africa has engaged in peacebuilding efforts in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan and Uganda among others. As a learning organization, NPI-Africa promotes peacebuilding practice, research, reflection, learning, documentation, and policy influencing in areas relevant to conflict and peace in Africa. NPI-Africa is currently the Regional Secretariat for GPPAC Central and Eastern Africa.