Launch of the ICGLR Civil Society Organisations Handbook

24 Jul 2016
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The ICGLR Civil Society Organisations Handbook was launched on 27 June in Kampala, Uganda. The launch event was hosted by Akina Mama wa Afrika in partnership with Great Lakes Project partner Nairobi Peace Initiative Africa.

"We are convinced that multilateral organisations must become more responsive to the needs and concerns of the population of their member states and that civil society from those countries must seek to establish productive relationships with those organisations. This will not only enhance a sense of ownership of these institutions by the people but will also help them meet their purpose, making them more effective in their efforts to prevent violent conflicts and foster more peaceful, stable, inclusive and prosperous societies" said the Executive Director of Nairobi Peace Initiative- Africa, Walter Odhiambo

"As we discuss today, we all know what is happening in Burundi in the aftermath of a controversial election. We all remember the genocide in Rwanda, the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda, how the Democratic Republic has been ravaged from the inside and outside, and the thousands of refugees both in this region and those trying to leave this continent for other regions only to encounter in some instances a worse fate. We know of other Presidential elections coming up, other constitutions which should not be changed, the lack of democratic institutions, all these challenges require concerted efforts of Government and Civil Society to bring peace, security and development in the great lakes region" said Eunice Musiime the Executive Director of Akina Mama wa Afrika.

This handbook provides practical information about the structure of the ICGLR and its decision-making process and cycles. It highlights the importance of engaging with the ICGLR and indicates different spaces in which people from the region can participate to develop policies and actions and jointly strengthen the organisation in the prevention and management of armed conflicts. This handbook is written by the Great Lakes Project partners, NPI- Africa, ACCORD and GPPAC.  You can download the manual here.