Bringing women together for peacebuilding

22 Sep 2015
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This two-day meeting gathered women from the International Conference of the Great Lakes (ICGLR) Regional Women Forum Bureau and women from women organisations in Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, South Sudan and Central African Republic.  This meeting took place in Kigali Rwanda 22-23 September 2015.

This roundtable follows a series of meetings in 2013-2014 organised by the Great Lakes Project partners, focusing on women working in peacebuilding such as, the ICGLR gender focal points, the coordinators of national mechanisms of the aforementioned countries (with exception of South Sudan), and other women peacebuilders in the region.  These meetings explored possible collaboration between the Great Lakes Project and the ICGLR secretariat looking at including more women in peacebuilding processes in the region.

The roundtable was officially opened by the Gender, Women and Children Program Officer at ICGLR Secretariat, Mrs Eliane Berthe Mokodopo. In her speech, she highlighted the great role that women played in the region and expressed the hope that this roundtable would be a success in the advancement of gender agenda.  Participants included Dr Patrick Kanyangara, Vice President of the ICGLR Regional Women Forum Ms Lydia Gachova, and Programme Manager of Gender Affairs at the IGAD Secretariat Mr Mubarak Mabuya.

The main recommendation from this roundtable to the Great Lakes Project is to assist the implementation of the pool of ICGLR women mediators. Recommendations to the ICGLR are:

  • Raise funds for the implementation of the pool of women mediators
  • Facilitate the implementation of different declarations on Gender in state members
  • Request countries to identify women to be trained as women mediators that respond to agreed upon criteria (like 3 per country)
  • Regional Women Forum to be trained as mediators
  •  Develop a comprehensive training course for those to be trained and they need to be trained at different stages